Displacement - Deluxe Edition Digital Download

Displacement, starring Hannah Hale, J Manning Smith-Tate, and Normand Caissie. Produced by David Besh. Written and directed by Connor Rentz.

Displacement follows the story of a Elle Hart (Hannah Hale), a teenage girl who works daily on her poverty-stricken family's farm with her distant father (J Manning Smith-Tate) while aiding her consistently ill mother (Ashton Sawyer) and her disabled younger brother (Josh Miles). The Deluxe Edition comes with the content exclusive to the DVD and more, all in full high-definition.


  • Displacement presented in full 4K resolution and surround sound
  • Displacement's complete uncut blooper reel
  • The Making of Displacement mini-documentary
  • Deleted scene: the original extended ending
  • Shot list meeting highlights
  • Will Besh Makes a Movie
  • The Chilling Night
  • The Bad Cut
  • Early rough cut of Displacement
  • Audio commentary with Connor Rentz and David Besh
  • PDF files of the final script and two rough drafts of the script


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