Lief and Lyra - The Complete Bundle


starring Alex Smith and Kendall Lively

written and directed by Connor Rentz

This is The Complete Bundle for Lief and Lyra. Purchasing this will give you everything included in all other Lief and Lyra digital downloads, including the full film in high definition, all bonus material, two extra short films, and the Digital Gallery Pack. In addition, this bundle also comes with an ungraded version of the film and the original 14-page script!

All video material, including the films and bonus material, can be watched via online streaming or digital download. This digital release is in full 1080p HD, has stereo sound (same as the DVD release), and is in a .mp4 format.

This film follows Lief, a teenage boy with a brilliant mind plagued by social problems, who is guided by a tutor named Lyra in an attempt to save him from being transferred to another school.

Bonus Material Included:

  • Blooper Reel: Watch twelve minutes of raw footage straight from the camera with outtakes and other behind-the-scenes goodness!
  • The Making of Lief and Lyra: This ten minute interview with writer/director Connor Rentz reveals how the story and characters in the film were developed, challenges during production, and more. This includes never-before-seen footage from a cancelled short film as well!
  • Lief and Lyra with Audio Commentary: See the film again with commentary from writer/director Connor Rentz, analyzing moments and scenes throughout the film!
  • EXCLUSIVE TO THE COMPLETE BUNDLE: Lief and Lyra Ungraded: This version of the film features entirely ungraded footage, no digital enhancements, or music. This will be an interesting item for those interested in the impact editing has on the art of film!

TRIPLE FEATURE: Also included in The Complete Bundle are two more short films, Worth Dying and Markings, both remastered just for this release! Worth Dying (10 minutes) is a retelling of one of Aesop's Fables when an man wishes for death and is met by Death himself. Markings (5 minutes) is a short suspenseful film revolving around a silent but deadly game.

The Digital Gallery Pack, free on the Apple Man Productions store, is included in this bundle, giving you over 100 high resolution stills from Lief and Lyra, along with the film's official poster and logo in their full resolution! The poster is presented in both JPG and PNG formats. All movie stills are PNG format.

Total Length: 88 Minutes

  • Lief and Lyra - 17 Minutes
  • Blooper Reel - 12 Minutes
  • The Making of Lief and Lyra - 10 Minutes
  • Audio Commentary - 17 Minutes
  • Worth Dying - 10 Minutes
  • Markings - 5 Minutes
  • Lief and Lyra Ungraded - 16 Minutes

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